Our Treasures

Da Jerry is just one of the food and wine activities founded by Mauro Teso. Four realities connected by a single passion: the love for our extraordinary territory Veneto.



“Planting, seeing the growth, collecting, transforming and then pouring. Decanting. Drinking. Enjoying your own fruits. Sharing in the end is where the real pleasure lies”.

Among the hills near Valdobbiadene, in the province of Treviso, there is a special wine cellar, producing a rare, precious and unique prosecco D.O.C.G., called Alena. The result of a dream come true, this wine belongs to the category "Conegliano Valdobbiadene – Prosecco", which is one of the best Proseccos in the world due to the uniqueness and authenticity of our territory, now part of the UNESCO heritage.

Alena stands out for its vital elegance, the light straw color, the moderate weight and the exclusive fruity and floral scent. Indeed, these characteristics are getting him not only to the Italian tables but also to those of the rest of the world. Little by little, Alena is conquering the overseas palates, even the most refined ones.

Via Montello, 31040 Pederobba (TV), Italia

+39 335 671 0659


Gastronomy and wine restaurant

“I was looking for a place surrounded by the nature, far enough away from the cities to be able to smell the vineyards and full enough of history to dig and find an immeasurable treasure”.

Copyright Images: @MaoArchitects

Nestled in Alena’s Prosecco vineyards, under the green hills of Treviso’s area, it hides another ambitious project called La Ghiacciaia. Its name comes from the incredible discovery of an ancient underground deposit in which the ice was stored to keep the temperature.

Used during the Second World War as a repository for weapons and ammunition and subsequently buried, today La Ghiacciaia is back to life thanks to the careful recovery that made it the protagonist of a food and wine restaurant with a fairytale atmosphere. La Ghiacciaia offers seafood specialties and hosts events and cultural initiatives inside and outside its modern and charming architecture.

Indirizzo: Via Montello, 31040 Pederobba (TV), Italia

+39 0423 64085


Historic bar in the heart of Venice

“A bar that has lived through history has seen many things. Whoever happens to step a foot in it, wishes to return sooner or later because of the stories imprinted on the walls, in the smells and colors and in the people who have found a house there”.

In the most beautiful city in the world and in the most photographed square ever, it rises the small Bar Mio, a humble café with a strong tradition. Known by every local and loved by every tourist who has chosen it for a short stop or for an aperitif, Bar Mio is a must for those who pass through San Marco. The best sandwiches in the city in a family atmosphere full of tradition and memories of a Venice to be savored in front of an “ombra”, in a bar overlooking the bell tower.

S.Marco, Calle Frezzeria 1176, 30124 Venezia, Italia

+39 041 523 5612


Seafood restaurant

“A fish dish in town or a fish dish by the sea doesn’t taste the same, needless to say. The saltiness makes its way between each bite and the sound of the waves become the bed of the plate. Flavors are amplified and tastes become tides. It’s a holy moment and fish is a serious thing”.

In the most beautiful part of the venetian coast, Cavallino-Treporti, it lays a seafood restaurant with an exotic atmosphere and impeccable quality, Da Jerry. It is now known by all as a place of meeting and entertainment, as well as mere five-star restaurant, thanks to its variety of musical evenings or theme. It is also the perfect location to host weddings, birthdays and other celebrations or events.

The fresh fish and its expert preparation leave no room for criticism and the seafront location, isolated from the chaos of tourism, adds a romantic and lounge atmosphere to the place, especially during the sunset time. Finally, the palms, carpets and professionalism of the staff are the icing on the cake in this restaurant, undoubtedly out of the ordinary.

Via Reno, 30013 Ca di Valle, Cavallino Treporti (VE), Italia

+39 041 530 0349